AP Atlantic includes free delivery in Florida based on destination minimums.  The following is a list of delivery minimums for Dade and surrounding counties: 


  • Dade County    $2000
  • Broward            $3000
  • Palm Beach      $4000 
  • All other areas  $5000


Orders that do not meet minimums will incur a delivery charge of $25 for Dade, $45 for all other areas.


AP Atlantic uses reliable common carriers for delivery service oustide of Florida to anywhere in the continental U.S.  Please call for a free rate quote.


 Customers or authorized third party agents must sign for shipment upon receipt or delivery will not be completed.


 AP Atlantic will not deliver to a residential address.


AP Atlantic allows order pick-ups.  Customers may use their own trucks and/or common carrirer to handle their shipping requirements.  There are no minimum requirements for pick-up orders. 


AP Atlantic does not ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, or any other mail courier.